Nutritional Classes

Always tired? Chronic Pain? Anxious or Depressed? Chronic Digestive Issues? Food Allergies? Constant Nasal Drip? Diabetic? Poor Memory? Neurologic Issues? Insomnia? On too many prescription medications? One thing can help all of the above and more…


Dr. Painovich is now certified to treat dermatology conditions with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and is a member of the Register of Chinese Medicine Dermatology.

Chinese Herbs

Many individuals and professionals question the legitimacy and safety of Chinese herbal medicine but few know the extent of their existence and use.


Depression is the most common mental health condition in the US, affecting approximately 8% of Americans age 12 and older. Signs and symptoms can vary from mild to severe.

‘Tis The Season

It is that time of year when people begin to battle colds and flus. The use of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) can help in both prevention and treatment of these ailments but let’s first talk treatment.


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